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1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – More Hip Work + GN Sword III

Posted in Completed Models, HG Susanowo on July 13, 2009 by Knolly

First up, more work on the Susanowo:

Susanowo07.jpg Susanowo08.jpg

Leaning back a bit there Graham…

Anyhow, the adjustments were limited to seperating the hip joints a bit from the crotch. Not sure if they’re seperated enough though… The struggle for less suckage continues. I’m yet to slightly de-extend the chest too.

On a different note, I repainted the GN Sword III from the Trans-Am Raiser for my current 00 Raiser:

00RaiserGNSwordIII1.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII2.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII3.jpg 00RaiserGNSwordIII4.jpg

In the close-up pic you can see some of the paint chipping due to me making a mistake and not sanding down the beam part enough, so it scraped off some of the grey paint on its way in. Hardly noticeable in person, but a shame nonetheless.


1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – Proportion Check

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 11, 2009 by Knolly

Slapping it together to see what I’ve got…

Susanowo05.jpg Susanowo06.jpg

I don’t know how happy I am with the torso… I think I might have extended it a tad too much. Same goes with the hip armor. There’s something still bothering me about them that I’ll try to address…

1/144 HG Susanowo: WIP – Dat Waist

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 10, 2009 by Knolly


So I have at last settled on the revised waist design, and there it is. Compare with some screenshots of the machine:

SusanowoScreen01.png SusanowoScreen02.png SusanowoScreen03.png

I have to hold it together because at the moment it’s a bunch of rods through drilled out holes. The waist armor has moved down and inwards since its last appearance, and as a result, I had to cut off the pegs that mounted the legs and drill new holes for them.

I’ve also been working on a torso mod a bit… More on that in the next day or so when some stuff dries and I can reassemble this bad boy.

1/144 HG Susanowo: Work in Progress – Starting Out

Posted in HG Susanowo on July 1, 2009 by Knolly

The other day I received my HG Susanowo, as well as a few other models, but the Susanowo is the only one that I think I’ll end up doing modding of any real degree to. The main purpose is to fix the fact that the HG looks fugly as hell.

The proportions are just mixed up… Below is a comparison shot I whipped up a while back to show how the HG loses the sleekness of the design that the show had.


I’ve basically decided the two main areas that need adjustment are the hips, as the thruster things are just mounted far too wide, and the torso. The torso is just seems to short and fat, so I’m not positive how I’ll go about modding it, but we’ll see.

Susanowo1.jpg Susanowo2.jpg

Just some quick shots of the kit… My apologies for the cluttered background, but I just wanted to communicate the problem of the hip mounts quickly.


This is what it looks like after I’ve begun work. The left hip (viewer’s right) is approximately how the finish product will look like in terms of how it’s mounted. I’ll try to get a far better pic once all of the glue and whatnot has dried…